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Introducing our next generation survey software built using Microsoft's cutting-edge .NET technology.

SelectSurvey.NET, our just-released ground-up rewrite of our ASP survey software, is written in C# and source code is available to purchase. Our .NET survey software offers all of the great features of SelectSurveyASP, the benefits and power of .NET technology, and a host of upcoming, highly requested, new features (see below).

Click to view Screenshot Over 100 new 4.5 Release Features!
New Databases Supported:
MS SQL 2000, MS SQL 2005, MS SQL 2005 Express, MySQL, Oracle 10g (and higher) 
Full Interface Customization!
Image/Logo upload, translation of text to any language, customizable text for all languages in the interface.
Active Directory Integration Option!
Active Directory version syncs data automatically (optional)

v-4.160.006 NOW AVAILABLE! Current customers can download the new version from your customer account.

Use the fully-functional administration demo to try out our best-selling survey software, containing an extensive set of advanced features.

Launch Demo
30+ different question types Question libraries
Data export to Excel/CSV file Advanced reporting console
Powerful page condition logic Bulk user registration
Easily modifiable look and feel Email invitations and lists
AD/LDAP integration Dozens of admin options

New Features

  • New Graphical Report Options-- Select report display format from bar graph to pie chart in the survey options page.
  • Support for .NET Framework 4.5 or higher-- SelectSurvey.NET now runs with 4.5 or greater of the .NET framework.
  • Active Directory / LDAP Integration -- User information and login authentication can all be done via LDAP / Active Directory. Note that this an option, and is not required.
  • Unlimited Page Condition Groups --  Additional groups are dynamically added to the drop down box as you need them for unlimited page condition group support.
  • New SPSS Condensed Export Format -- A modified and improved version of the SPSS data export module.
  • Printable Surveys -- Ability to format surveys for easy printing.
  • Printable Reports -- Easy to print versions of all reports.
  • Survey Folders -- Ability to organize surveys into folders and to archive surveys for better organization.
  • New Survey Completion Action -- Ability to display the respondents survey, with responses, upon finishing the survey.
  • Improved Security -- The .NET version now contains robust code to prevent SQL injections.
  • Integrated Email List Data Export -- Data from email lists can now be merged into the data export files.
  • Advanced Piping -- Answer values can now be piped into the lists of answers for subsequent questions.
  • Advanced Administration Tools -- The .NET version now contains a set of administration tools to help with configuration, installations, and sending of emails.
  • New UPN Login Feature -- Users can login with their Active Directory email address (optional). Automatic Active Directory Synchronization - This is an optional ability to have Active Directoryuser data automatically synched into our application's user database.Detailed Respondent Reports -- Ability to view all reports related to a particular user.Enhanced Security -- The .NET version now has the optional ability to encrypt the connection string in web.config file.
  • Graphical Reports -- A much-enhanced version of our existing reports with 3D graphics.
  • Resumable Surveys -- A new option that allows a user to return and complete a survey without modifying any previously submitted results.
  • Oracle Support -- This is the only version that supports Oracle, SQL Server and MS Access!
  • Multi-Language functionality -- A new admin area lets you write your javascript messages in your own language, and all text that is programmatically generated will be in the language that is set in the survey options page.

Upcoming Features

  • More iPad/Touch/SmartPhone question types.
  • More SMS texting options.

Technical Requirements

If you have a Windows web server that supports Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher, you have already met all of the system requirements necessary to run SelectSurvey.NET. The following are the system requirements for SelectSurvey.NET:
  • Operating System
  • - Windows
  • Web Server
  • - Microsoft Internet Information Server, version 6.0 or higher
  • .NET Framework
  • - Version 4.5
  • Database
  • - SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL
  • SMTP
  • - Local SMTP or remote SMTP can be referenced in config.

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