SelectSurvey.NET General Support Policy

Outstanding support is the foundation of our company. In fact, we dedicate more than half our resources to support, and we make support a priority over all other work.

Our general support hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 6:00 CST. Emails and voice mails to 800-774-4876 x 2 are monitored 24x7 for emergency after hour issues.

Scope of Customer Support Customer Support is available to answer general usage questions about Survey, including:

  • Documented features of our applications
  • Uses of features
  • Troubleshooting unexpected behavior encountered while using

Customer support is available to help customers gain an understanding of SelectSurvey features and functionality. support will not be held responsible for implementing these product features in a client's project. Our Support Engineers will make reasonable efforts to resolve an issue that is sent, but cannot guarantee that every issue will be resolved. defines a bug as some technical aspect or functionality of a product that does not execute and deliver results as expected and outlined in the supplied product documentation. Unexpected behavior isolated to a user's specific configuration or environment does not correspond with’ definition of a bug. Support engineers can provide troubleshooting suggestions for unexpected behavior in these cases; however, is not responsible for the resolution of any such behavior. An issue is recognized as a bug only after it has been reproduced in steps provided by the customer and has been confirmed as a bug in the product by a Support Engineer.

Installation/Upgrade Service defines installation as the process in which the product installation program is extracted from a downloaded file on to the client's web server or hosting account, and setup in accordance with the authorized installation instructions. After purchasing installation, a technician will contact you via email for information related to the installation. Most installations are completed within 1 business day from purchase date. A completed installation is determined by the successful first run of the application. This does not include configuration of other applications required by the application, including, but not limited to Microsoft Windows, Microsoft IIS, SMTP, Microsoft SQL Server, firewalls, or networking components. We provide installation services for an initial purchase or an upgrade, each installation is considered a separate service and will be invoiced as such. Installations can be purchased by checking the "Installation" checkbox from the purchase page or through your online customer account. Support renewals, installation and consulting hours are not refundable.

Support Structure

Support for Add-Ons are covered by support for the Core Product. (i.e. ActiveLogic is covered by SelectSurvey.NET support and does not need to be purchased separately.)

To get upgrades, log in to your customer account on and there are buttons there to renew support, purchase upgrades, purchase installation service, or purchase consulting hours.

  • Level 1 Support Includes: Product Updates*, Email Support
  • Level 2 Support Includes: Product Updates*, Email Support, Phone Support

*Product Updates include latest product downloads from customer account page.

Outstanding support is the foundation of our company. In fact, we dedicate more than half our resources to support, and we make support a priority over all other work.

NOTE: We respond to support issues by email usually within two hours. Please white list "" or check your spam folder if you do not get a response.

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