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SelectSurvey.NET SaaS and SelectSurvey.NET On-Premise Reviews

...We've been able to add custom question types, data readout and ensure the tool works with redirect links from third-party recruiting firms... - Sumit

I like the flexibility of the question types as well as the ability to do advanced branching within a survey. The reporting features give many options for viewing/review the results as well as exporting them for analysis in other tools. The product is hosted locally and has good performance. We've received good customer service from the company when needed. - Trey M.

...Experience with support services has always been positive.... - Fiona H.

Very intuitive interface. Users are quickly creating surveys within minutes of brief training/overview. Cost is very affordable given the full features available. Also vendor support is great. - Frank D.

The web survey tools allow great flexibility, ease of use, large number of surveys and they have excellent technical support... - Kevin B.

Fantastic Product; This little tool has lots of features and we use it alot... - Charles R.

It was a great experience using this software. Unlimited surveys and customization too! I even wanted a new feature added in and the team at select survey added it. They have wonderful service if any issues occurred and a friendly approach to solutions immediately. - Anonymous

SelectSurvey staff assisted me with adding dynamic tokens to calculate values from questions to trigger page logic. The advanced features are very flexible, once you get to figure out how to use them... - Anonymous

Great Fluid Survey replacement.. - Anonymous

I would like to let you know that I love this product more and more as I use it more and more. - Peter Shah, Roche Healthcare

This is a great survey application. Very flexible to fit your specific needs. Response time to questions was fantastic...Overall, a great product! - Michael Routhier, The Gap, San Francisco, CA

Compared with all the previous tools I've used, the user friendliness of creating new surveys in SelectSurvey is fantastic. I can't even begin to believe the amount of powerful features that you have managed to incorporated into this application. Your templates feature is simply amazing!! I was able to get the basic look and feel of our existing survey in about 15 minutes of playing around. I can't even begin to understand how you can make money selling this application at such a low price, and then following up with so much prompt tech support. I am so thrilled that I will be glad to visit as many web sites as you want me to and give this application the highest rating. Please add us to your list of satisfied corporate clients... - Sebastian Antony, Morgan Stanley

Just wanted to say I installed the software and everything works great. I can't believe [you offer] this much functionality and a product so polished for this price. - Chris Turner, mac.com

Thanks again for such a excellent level of customer service. You are wonderful and I am very impressed. - Dave Kutschenreiter, www.thinkeffective.com

Great job with this product! I had it up and running in 5 minutes using SQL Server for the back end. The installation was a breeze! - Patrick Treacy, Senior Analyst Programmer, Rothmans, Benson & Hedges, Inc.

I would like to say that I appreciate the personal service that you've given us over this support request. I worked in our Application Development division as programmer/database engineer for some years and although we also give similar personal service, I've found very few other vendors that do at this level. Keep up the good work. - Tess Imobersteg-Carlson, www.berbee.com

Once again, you guys are great at responding to our questions and I appreciate the level of support/service that you provide. Keep up the good work! - Erik Luchauer, Web Developer, Oak Ridge Universities

I want to thank you for your exceptional support. Both your product and support have exceeded our expectations.Michael Williams, CIO, Cancer Consultants, Inc.

I came across ClassApps during my search for a survey software that was easy and friendly. I'm not very tech savvy so I tried their sample to see if I will be able to manage the software. The software is extremely friendly and I decided to purchase the survey right away. However, I was not able to install the software because I frankly didn't understand how domains and web hosting work. I emailed ClassApps and they responded in a timely manner. Even better, I provided them with the information necessary and they did the installation for me without charge. During this time, I was having all sorts of trouble with my web hosting service. The hosting service did not provided me with the service I needed and did not responded to me in a timely manner. I was working with too many different people and had to explain my situation over and over again, which was very frustrating. ClassApps contacted the hosting service directly and was able to get my survey up and running in no time. Not only do they respond in a timely manner, they were always helpful, despite the fact that I contacted them numerous times. I think they have the best customer support you can find and their software works like a charm. I want to share with everyone my story because they've been so helpful and supportive of me. Thank you ClassApps for all you do to keep your customers happy! - Sydni Vuong, www.mindinstitute.com

Super software! We have used it for several surveys and it has worked very well. - Steve Stratford, Marantha Baptist Bible College

...send my appreciation to those involved in coding the application. It is written very well and is easy to navigate... - Christopher King, Web Developer,

This is a wonderful product and I am more than pleased. - Jonathan Gayle, University of Southern Florida

Thanks for all your help. I just want to say this software has been beyond all my expectations. - Larry Ball, Illinois State Police Credit Union

SelectSurvey is an excellent product that we plan to use with all of our clients. - Ron Whitaker<, www.xcelogic.com

Thanks for the quick response! My partner emailed your company on Friday a few times and received very quick responses as well. It's hard to find support like that. We appreciate it! - Randy AufDerHeide, www.netspinners.com

The survey software is working like a dream. Thanks for a great product. - Gary Greer, Melbourne University, Melbourne, Australia

I have been playing with the software all evening...I still can't believe how easy it is and how much it can do. I just wanted you to know how impressed I am with the survey software. It operates exactly as it would if I had created this application. I just want you to know, that my initial impression (and I rarely make those) is that it is just great. - Jeffry Gordon, Ph.D., Professor of Informatics, Vanderbilt University

I bought SelectSurvey about a month ago and am very pleased with it. It used to take me at least 4 hours to code and deploy a survey with entry form, summary and detail reports and security even if I cloned the code and then modified it. Now it can take as little as 10 minutes to create all the components required for a survey. - Karen Warfield, www.provak.org

I just recently purchased the survey product, and it is an awesome product. I have been an owner of an ASP and .NET development shop for 15 years and appreciate good applications when I see them, and you have one. We actually have our own survey app that we developed for a client, but I wanted something more polished. You seem to have thought of all user needs, and accounted for them exactly as I would expect. - Brian Ocheltree, Owner, www.emagination.com

The software looks fantastic...one of the best on the market - Hank Weaver, www.SimpleSimon.com

Thank you for your excellent support. You never gave up on me. Thank you. I am very happy with your product. - Benny Sell, Denmark

This product is absolutely the easiest and most user friendly software I have dealt with in the 18 years I have worked with computers and website development...after putting together our first survey, based on your written instructions, there is only one word that describes the experience. AWESOME! The setup and getting it running part was extremely easy. The actual use of the software on the website and the utilization by users replying to the survey was absolutely phenomenal! Everyone was impressed with the functionality, the reports and the ease of use. Our hats off to you for a class act product! - Rod Martin, Orange County, California, www.rjmassociates.com

After the quick setup I started digging right into making mock surveys to start learning the software before demonstrating it to a client. It was very intuitive and you can tell there was a lot of thought put into architecting the product because the workflow whether you were designing a survey, viewing or exporting reports or emailing a list of people announcing the survey was live it is very user friendly... I would recommend this software to companies big and small and it is well worth the investment to purchase this cost-effective application. - Lou Proschette, www.ezonlinetraining.com

I want to say thanks for a great product and excellent support! I've used several survey applications and this product far exceeds my expectations. On a scale of one to ten, this product is a ten! In addition to a great product, the support is AWESOME! They're very helpful and quick to respond. Keep up the good work! - Marchand Guzman, San Francisco, CA

I have completed our first online survey and have launched it on our website. I just wanted to say thanks for the assistance in getting it installed as well as how much I like the application. It was very easy to create and launch the survey. All in all it worked very well. If I can do it anyone can. - Dan Rodda, Northwest Aluminum

Thanks for your VERY nicely written application. Actually one of the best I have seen in a LONG time. - Matt Massey, M.R.Q. Corporation

I just purchased a copy of your software and got it set up locally to test it. All I can say is WOW! Everything works great and I can't wait to get some surveys set up and live. - Sam Wettling, Texas Computer Education Association

Your software has been so helpful. Everyone who has seen it has been very impressed... I will spread the word about your software. - Robert Bruce, Eckerd Pharmacy

I chose SelectSurvey because of your customer support claims on your website. You've lived up to them, and exceeded my expectations. You guys are great, and I'm glad I went with you over your competition. - James Bragg, custovera.com

I must compliment you and your company with this wonderful survey software (and support)! - Eric Fleurbaay, Business-Wise

Thank you for creating an incredibly great product!! It has really helped our organization quickly address custom survey needs that would otherwise take weeks or months to address. - Joe Longfellow, University of California, San Diego

...let me say that I think you have a fantastic product. It is a very elegant and sophisticated solution to an otherwise sticky problem. It think that it also comes at a very affordable cost. - Paul Dobie, Access Japan, Ltd, Australia

We are a hosting company and development company developing in ASP for 8 years now. We have found SelectSurvey to be one of the easiest and most complete packages we have ever worked with. We recommend this application to anyone...needing a good survey solution. - Rick Ramirez, Solis Web Hosting

We are very satisfied with your product. It is a tremendous bargain. - Michael Buttery, National Board of Medical Examiners

These guys offer a ton of support...it seems like they will give you unlimited support. I was having some trouble with my hosting provider getting this set up, and they helped me debug all of the problems. I also found a small bug in the code, and I got a fix to it within 2 hours. Thanks for all the help! - Alex Batansky, Manchester, New Hampshire

...Fantastic! I am thrilled with the script. Thanks for creating such a great product. For the price, it's a screaming bargain. It would be a bargain at twice the price. I looked at almost every single survey script at www.aspin.com and nothing came close in value at the price point. - Sam Zalind, Web Developer, Tallahassee, Florida

I must say that you have done a very good job with this product.  I am especially pleased with the 'Email Invite' feature to request users to take the survey....works like a charm! - Shannon Watts, Owner, DurhamPC.com

I have researched survey solutions on the web and this one is on the top of the list, both in price and features. Customer service is also very responsive...For the money you cannot go wrong with this survey script. Five STARS! - Ajay Jindal, http://www.apicsdayton.org, Dayton, Ohio

Overall this application is incredibly impressive as compared to other survey products on the market. I've researched about 10 survey apps and ClassApps was our top pick, and boy did we make the right decision! First of all it's affordable, which is great for small businesses, second its robust with an incredible amount of features (far exceeding the other apps), and finally their customer service and tech support is absolutely incredible. I'd also like to mention that I'm a web developer and ASP coder, and this is definitely some beautiful code. A definite 5 star product!!! - Jody Brewster, Brown Jordan International, Pompano Beach, Florida

I want to thank you all for writing such a wonderful product. It works very nicely and reliably and is well documented. Kudos! - Jason Aus, SEI Information Technology

Thanks for a brilliant product at an amazing price. I had difficulties with my hosting providers - SelectSurvey originally worked fine then stopped working because of changes made by my hosting provider. Over several emails, ClassApps diagnosed the problem and then offered several solutions and now it works absolutely perfectly!! Such is the dedication to support that I received replies within hours, even in the morning (I live in Europe and so the would not have expected replies before PM our time). And the product itself is out of this world - so many options and yet so easy to use - an incredible value. - Paul Taylor, http://www.happyatom.co.uk

I love the application...really simple and clean. Nice work! - Senior Systems Engineer, San Marcos, California

After reviewing several ASP survey packages we settled on purchasing ClassApps SelectSurvey. The product offers fantastic functionality and the most versatility at a very affordable price. Within 2 hours of downloading the software we were able to launch our first survey consisting of four pages and over 25 questions...Thanks for making our life easier! - Ezra Weinstein, Web Developer, Austin, Texas

My work often requires that I create online market research surveys, and it usually takes a programmer a full day to create the form, write the processing page, format the database, debug, etc. I set up your application and had my first survey written in 30 minutes! Thanks for creating such a user-friendly application -- you have already saved me several hours of work. - Paolo DiVincenzo, Laird Technologies, Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania

Thanks for creating such a user-friendly application.
My work often requires that I create online market research surveys, and it usually takes a programmer a full day to create the form, write the processing page, format the database, debug, etc. I set up your application and had my first survey written in 30 minutes! Thanks for creating such a user-friendly application -- you have already saved me several hours of work.