Purchase SelectSurvey.NET Server Software

Install on Your Server - License Types

Contact sales@classapps.com for an estimate.

  • SelectSurvey.NET On-Premise Server Software 1 YR License Subscription

Note: We do NOT sell perpetual licenses or OEM licenses, or any license terms that last over 1 year.

Technical support options:

  • v5 Yearly Licenses include email support from tech@classapps.com.
  • Hourly Consulting: Billed by the hour includes custom programming, survey design, custom reports, custom training, technical services on your servers.

What does support cover? Click here for more support details.
What are my server hardware/software requirements? Click here to view technical requirements

Select Survey Enterprise License plusAPI Two installations within a single company or organization (one production, one development/test)
  • Pricing based on number of "Admin" and "Create" role users. Email sales@classapps.com for a quote.
  • Unlimited "Free" Respondent Users
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Unlimited Emails

Server Software Add-On's

  • Active Directory Add-On (AD, LDAP, NTLM, UPN, SSO, CAS)

  • Google Apps Federated Login Integration (OpenID Social Login)

  • ActiveLogic Completion Logic

  • ResponseLogic Email Engine

  • ActiveLogic Completion Logic

  • Consulting Custom Programming

  • Consulting Custom Survey Design and Template Design

  • Consulting Technical Services - Installation/etc.

  • Consulting Custom Training Classes