100% customizable dynamic survey completion pages with Response Answer tokens

SelectSurvey.NET Add-on


Workflow Logic

ActiveLogic™ is 100% integrated with SelectSurvey.NET (versions 4.5 or greater). ActiveLogic™ adds the capability of customizing dynamic behavior to the completion logic of any survey. For example, custom dynamic driven coupons, reports, benchmarks, any custom information can be dynamically displayed from the response data. Every response to every question on the survey including user data and email data can be accessed with tokens in the 100% customizable layout. This add-on only works with SelectSurvey.NET Version 3.0 or later.

Popular Features

  • All response data is in TOKENS you can layout!
  • Logic actions for specified response answers
  • Logic for coupons, redirects or pre-population
  • Logic for benchmark results, customizable layout
  • 100% flexibile and customizable
  • Perfect for marketing companies