General Features

Outstanding support is the foundation of our company. In fact, we dedicate more than half our resources to support, and we make support a priority over all other work.

This page describes the new features that we have added to our most recent release of each product. Since this page only lists out changes in the most recent release, older releases are not included here. You can see a complete list of changes in the Release Notes that is included with the software.

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.NET Version
GDPR / HIPAA Compliant
100% Responsive, Works for Mobile / PC / iPad / Kiosk / Phone
API, Fully Documented Application Programming Interface
Supports .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher (4.6.1 is minimum for TLS 1.2 support)
Installable on Microsoft Windows Servers
Support for Microsoft SQL Server Database (2008R2, 2012, 2014, 2016, AZURE all versions)
Support for MySQL Database (5.1 or higher)
ADFS / Active Directory / LDAP Integration (optional)
NTLM pass-through authentication (optional)
Google Apps Federated Login Integration OAuth2 (optional)
Single Sign on (SSO) Integration with SQL Membership Provider (optional)
Multi-Language / customizable language message options for 164 languages
State Server Session switch for Web Farms
Serialization for web farm/web clusters
Fully 508 compliant code base ASP VPATNET VPAT
You own your data!
New SMS Texting and Touch Screen Features!
Excellent Customer Service and Support
Custom enhancements (contact us for more information) all the benefits of a company committed to superior quality!
Robust administrative console for managing surveys
Ability to create surveys by copying existing surveys
Ability to copy entire individual pages within a survey
Ability to create questions by copying existing questions from the same survey
Ability to create questions by copying questions from any survey owned by the current user
Specify title for each survey
Ability to add titles to each page in a survey
Ability to add introductions to each page in a survey
Specify start and end dates
Unlimited number of questions per survey
Unlimited number of answers per question
Option for single-page or multiple-page surveys
Ability to close and open surveys anytime
Ability to organize surveys into folders with ownership
Ability to group users into User Groups
Ability to restrict respondents by User Group
Text Replacement Tokens for anywhere in survey
Ability to brand, specify logo path, styles in admin interface
Unlimited question libraries for reusable questions
Optionally display page numbers at the top of each page
Ability to move items to any other location within a survey
Ability to move entire pages to any other location within a survey
Display progress using a customizable progress bar
Display progress in terms of total page (e.g. Page 3 of 4)
Option to display or hide the "Back" button on each survey
Ability to specify the action to take when the user clicks the Cancel button in a survey
Ability to extract query string data and associate with a survey response
Ability to extract cookie data and associate with a survey response
Ability to extract session data and associate with a survey response
Ability to number questions per page or per survey
Ability to limit the number of responses per user
Ability to limit the number of responses per survey
Specify the number of days for updating responses
Ability to assign an admin email to each survey
Admin tools
Multi-Language options and customizable messages for each language
Copy surveys from another database tool
Copy users from another database tool
Regex Pattern Matching Validation
Question to Question Secondary Validation
Easily updateable look and feel for entire application
Ability to specify HTML for header and footer
Create unlimited, advanced look and feel templates
Ability to add logos to any survey
Ability to specify font family, weight, size, and color for all survey text
Ability to specify all colors displayed on any survey
Ability to optionally display a border on each survey
Ability to set buttons or text for survey navigation
Ability to specify survey alignment within browser
Specify any action or message when a user completes a survey
Display a custom message upon survey completion
Redirect to any URL upon survey completion
Display reports upon survey completion
Close the browser upon survey completion (for pop-up windows)
Ability to email each response when a survey is completed
Ability for user to print their response after survey completion
Ability to automatically email a respondent when they complete the survey.
Ability to display respondent's score on survey completion page
ActiveLogic add-on for multiple survey completion workflows per survey
Ability to filter report results based on date ranges
Robust functionality for sharing results via email to any number of email addresses
Ability to filter report results based on answers to questions
Ability to filter report results based on user attributes
CSV/Excel data export in raw data format
CSV/Excel data export with individual user responses on each row
CSV/Excel data export in an SPSS compliant format
Scored surveys
Email list information is displayed on detail report for responses to email messages
All hidden field data is displayed on detail report
Optionally highlight a user's own responses on the overview report
Role-based security for viewing reports
Owners can modify any response
Questions can be given aliases for more concise reporting
Graphical reporting with bar graphs
Ability to filter reports to display entire survey, a single page, or a single question
Reports display the number of respondents that skipped each question
Summary report of all responses
Summary list of all individual responses
Ability to view all individual responses
Ability to delete any individual survey response
Respondent reports of all survey responses for specific user
SPSS Condensed Export option
Ability to export email list data with response data
Ability to print entire survey, or individual pages of survey
Ability to print results overview report
Ability to compare response counts between surveys
Graphical chart, pie, graph selection/display options
Ability to change report format from survey options page.
Ability to print overview report with pie charts or report format selected in survey options.
Ability to create, save and email Custom Reports in PDF format with selected graphs and questions (2.0 .net framework or greater)
Ability to export XML or CSV format
Free form reports with text replacement tokens
Word cloud charts for comments box, open ended one line, open ended one or more line question types in custom reports.
Ability to grant survey ownership to other users
7 distinct security levels
Ability for administrators to manually enter unlimited survey responses
Ability to limit respondents to specific IP address ranges
Specify whether or not each response is updateable
Optionally allow anonymous users to take a survey
Option for single or multiple responses per user
Require login before taking survey
3 levels of report security
Option for each survey to make results public
Option for each survey to make results semi-private
Option for each survey to limit reports to survey owner(s)
SQL injection protection
Ability to encrypt connection string in web.config
Ability to restrict login to only authenticated users
Active Directory (AD) / LDAP integration (optional)
Option for UPN login with Active Directory email address
Ability to use AD and still gather anonymous responses
Application uses forms authentication
30+ standard question types
7 advanced question types (including matrix, constant sum, ranking, and more)
3 hidden field question types (querystring, session, and cookie)
Answer piping (including prior answers in the text of a question)
Ability to optionally display answers in random order
Optionally require an answer for any question
Ability to specify a default value for any question
Ability to specify minimum and maximum answer values
Require valid email address format for text questions
Ability to set the maximum number of characters that can be entered for each question
Ability to select from predefined sets of answers for many question types
Ability to specify column widths and layout for matrix questions
Answer piping into matrix columns and rows
Can specify text on right and left of matrix question types
Can specify column header rows above and below matrix question types
Matrix - One Answer per Row (Option Buttons)
Matrix - Multiple Answers per Row (Checkboxes)
Matrix - Multiple Answers per Row (Textboxes)
Matrix - Rating Scale (Numeric)
Matrix - Text/Dropdown (COMBO) multiple question types inside a single matrix
Constant Sum
Open Ended - One or More Lines
Horizontal Rule - HR
Multiple Answers - Checkboxes
One Answer - Drop Down
One Answer - Option Buttons
Open Ended - Comments Box
Open Ended - Comments Box with Rich Text Editor
Open Ended - One Line
Registration Question
Calculated Question (calculates value from other question answers)
Matrix Combo Flex (drop down)
Respondent File Upload
Dynamic SQL token
Movie, Audio
Touchscreen (iPAD, iPhone, Kiosk) Touch - Number Slider
Touchscreen (iPAD, iPhone, Kiosk) Touch - Clickable Image Maps
Ability to set page conditions on each page
Ability to set question conditions
Ability to set page conditions based on score
Ability to trigger page conditions by hidden field values
Assign multiple conditions per page
Ten distinct logical operators for creating page conditions
Group conditions to create powerful AND/OR logic
Unlimited number of page condition groups
Skip to Page Condition
Skip to End Page Condition
Hidden Field Page Conditions
User Data Token Page Conditions
Email List Page Condition
Greater Than
Less Than
Greater Than or Equal To
Less Than or Equal To
Not Equal
Does Not Contain
Provided an Answer
Did Not Provide an Answer
Robust user management console for administrators
Bulk upload of users
3 custom data fields per user
Ability to create unlimited users
Ability to create, modify, and delete users
Ability to set security levels for all users
Ability for each user to modify their account information
Ability to automatically synch user data with Active Directory
Ability to group users into User Groups
Ability to restrict surveys to User Groups
Import users from another database
User Preferences for time zone and default survey folders
Standard functionality for sending email invitations
Advanced, robust functionality for sending email invitations
Create and manage unlimited email lists
Advanced email address list management
Ability to send email messages to both email lists and registered users
Ability to send follow-up emails to recipients of an email message based on response status
Ability to export email lists
Ability to view and track response history to all sent email messages
Ability to send email messages to a filtered subset of any email list
Ability for users to click on a link to decline a survey invitation
Ability to send email invitations in standard text format
Ability to send email invitations in HTML format
Easily create an email link for any survey
Cut and paste option for web page links for any survey
Cut and paste option for popup survey link for any survey
Support for sending emails
Support for sending emails via the .NET email library
Support for sending automatic email to respondent when survey is completed.
Respondent can print their survey responses after survey completion.
Option for respondent to return to survey and complete unfinished pages at a later date.
Kiosk Mode that contains list of surveys perfect for a convention or exhibition.