SelectSurvey.NET survey software is ideal for 360-degree feedback evaluations, which are primarily used by Human Resource departments.

This type of feedback is also known as multi-rater feedback, multisource feedback or multisource assessment. The survey is used for employee performance evaluations, reviews, or assessments and will evaluate an employee from all sides, usually including feedback from subordinates, co-workers, peers, customers as well as supervisors. Many companies choose to use 360-degree feedback evaluations at a regular frequency, for example: annually or semi-annually. The feedback obtained using survey software may be used to determine the employees’ training or development needs, compensation or promotions.

Why should you perform a 360 Degree Feedback Evaluation?

  • Individuals understand their effectiveness as viewed by others
  • Employee is able to use feedback to set goals for self-development
  • Improves team development, members learn more about each other and how to work together effectively
  • Company is able to nurture and develop leaders
  • Discrimination risk is reduced by having feedback come from various sources, rather than one source which could be based on one particular relationship
  • Improve your company’s customer service

360 Degree Feedback Survey Templates available to copy from the example survey database included with your product purchase.